Sally and Kowalski are two evil henchwomen from the comedy film ,George of the Jungle 2. They possibly work for the Van de Groot Zoo as Sally mentions it during the film. Sally and Kowalski are first seen walking down a corridoor with Lyle, George's arch nemesis. Kowalski uses a fake key pass to break into the room, Sally puts a bag over a bird which is the alarm so they can get the deed. They know that the deed is in George's underwear and Kowalski, thinking that he won't have many, opens the wardrobe to find several pairs of underwear. Kowalski takes out several piles of underwear and hands them to Sally who looks disgusted at holding underwear. They empty the wardrobe and search through everything on a table, after nearly giving up Lyle finds it as the women grin with delight.

Next we see Sally and Kowalski outside a casino where they are waiting to take Ape away for debts he owes. George, Ape and Rocky are held up as the women try and capture Ape, they are mocked by Ape who throws a suitcase at them disarming Sally. The women chase after them as several things are put in their way. George falls over on a Pool table as Kowalski lunges at him revealing a lot of her cleavage to him. George avoids her and makes a run for it, as the women chase. The evil duo are searching an old granny before realising its cranny they are searching and make a run for it.

Next at the climax of the movie, Sally and Kowalski are on the lone bulldozer left trying to destroy the treehouse. They are the only women on the bulldozers as the others all had men manning them, unlike the others coconuts aren't thrown at the women. George jumps on the bulldozer to save his wife, but as he tells Sally he won't hit women as long as women don't hit George, she smiles and elbows his face and punches him. Kowalski jumps to help her defeat George which is in turn a big mistake. They see his head hitting multiple trees. The women grin and laugh in the pleasure of seeing George suffer, then after there are no more trees Sally kicks his head which makes George go around the tyre to face Kowalski. Kowalski and Sally look at George in confusion not knowing why he keeps coming back. George laughs and says he has to hit women to save the Jungle but in name of sportsmanship George gives the women a fighting chance., Kowalski looks shocked thinking she is about to be hit and looks down before smiling as she kicks George in the crotch, there is a shattering sound and as he goes up in the air and is in agonizing pain and with a strained face falls off the bulldozer as he re thinks sportsmanship . They both turn their heads to the cab thinking that they have won but where the driver was Rocky the Kangaroo has removed him and seen the nasty things the women have been doing. When they see Rocky poised to attack in the seat, the girls look terrified as he kicks them both in the face and sends them flying out of the bulldozer as they scream desperately trying to keep hold of the bulldozer! they hold each others hands as they go flying. They do several flips in the air still screaming before coming crashing down into an open piece of land. Rocky decides to teach them a lesson and jumps on their shoulders repeatedly trapping the girls in the ground, they grunt and squeal especially when the middle of their legs hits the hard ground realising they are doomed. He jumps on both of their shoulders several times until they are trapped in mud up to their breasts. It is unknown what happens to them afterwards, but it is unlikely they get out.


Both women are completely loyal to Lyle and follow his every command. They try in vain to stop George and Ape but are ultimately stopped by a Kangaroo. They are quite argumentative and will not let others get in their way. Both are attractive which is why they were employed by Lyle.


Sally "The old witch says, the muscleman keeps the deed in his underwear."

Lyle "That's disgusting"

Kowalski "Yeah but at least it'll be easy to find"

(Opens wardrobe to find several underwear, Kowalski looks very dis heartened"

Kowalski "Going Somewhere?"

Ape "Who are you Xena Princess of Vegas?"

Sally "We'll see how funny you are when you're in our special cage in the Van de Groot Zoo"

George and Ape "huh"

Sally "Incase you've forgotten you still owe us 17 years of employment"

Kowalski "Get moving"

(Ape throws suitcase at womenmaking them fall back)

Ape "Rocky Get hopping"

Sally "let's get em"

George "George not hit women so appreciate it if women not hit George"

Sally "heh"

(Sally smiles then elbows and punches George)

George (groans)

Kowalski "uhh"

(Kowalski climbs over, sees Georges head taking a battering from the trees and the women smile and laugh)

Sally "uhh" (Kicks Georges head))

George (laughing) " George realise in order to save treehouse, bakovoo entire jungle lifestyle George now have to hit woman, but in name of sportsmanship, George give woman fighting chance"

Kowalski (smiles and kicks Georges crotch)

George (strained) "Note to George rethink sportsmanship"

(Bell Ringing)

Sally and Kowalski "huh"

Rocky "Hiya" (Kicks women's faces as they fly across jungle)

Sally and Kowalski (Screaming)

(women crash in open bit of land and get up as Rocky hops after them)

Sally and Kowalski (groaning)

Rocky (I have an idea)

(Rocky jumps on women's shoulders five times each until buried in the mud)

Sallily and Kowalski (grunting and squealing as their bodies are smacked into the ground)

Narrator "Having finally defeated the pugnacious pair ... "